Dru (Andrew) Hill

Family, Community, Legacy these are the pillars of Dru’s life and the foundation of his real estate career. Dru brings to Caliber a passion for empowering families to create a legacy and enrich their communities through real estate. He believes that real estate investment is one of the few pathways to generational wealth that everyone has access to and he is excited to help his clients take their first step towards financial peace.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Dru moved to Seattle in 2013 where he currently resides with his beautiful wife and amazing children. In addition to his career in real estate, he has worked in the marketing field for 9 years. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, traveling, movies, and cooking. Dru also has a deep appreciation for Whiskey, Wine, Beer, and Cigars, citing the importance of the quality of materials as well as a commitment to the process and patience in order to produce great results.

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